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Clover clamps, historically known as "bird clamps", for their shape, function as an extra hand for clamping fabric. They're usually packaged with a large C-clamp, and known as a "clamp and bird set", so they can be attached to a sewing table. Oddly enough, they're made by Clover, so they really are "Clover Clamps". (Thanks go to crymsin_lilly on FetLife for the link.)

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Tweezer clamps are a type of bodkin. They're a sewing tool intended for threading a drawsting.

I don't know where to get the plastic tips yet.

Craft Town Hobby Land
$6.49 Londa's Clover Notions
$5.50 - Qty 6

Wide bodkins are intended for working with heavier material.

1" x 3/4"
The Science Company

These square screw clamps are called Hoffman Clamps. They're used in chemistry labs for controlling the flow through rubber hoses. They come in several types: Closed (where the top bar is fixed), Open (where the top bar swings to the side), and Side Open (where the side is open like a C clamp).

The Science Company
2 / $1.50

Pinchcock clamps are another type of rubber hose clamp. I'd use these for nipples. Really.

Mason Supply
2 / $2.82

Ceiling grid clamps are used when installing a suspended ceiling.

5 / $5

I don't know the original purpose of these blue plastic hemostats but I think they may be intended as disposable medical tools. I've found them for sale as craft tools.

Harbor Freight
4 / $2

This type of Tarp clamp is usually adjustable and is good for gripping without being tight. They cost about $1 each at Home Depot.

12 / $46

Young forceps are intended for grasping the tongue.

Nasco Farm&Ranch
Livestock Concepts
QC Supply

The elastrator is used to castrate farm animals by stretching a rubbery band for placement around the scrotum. I'd use these for nipples. Really!

Nasco Farm&Ranch
100 / $1.50
Livestock Concepts
100 / $1.70
QC Supply
100 / $2.08

Bands for the elastrator.

pbs animal health

A Bull Holder is use for handling cattle without permanently implanted nose rings. They can be used for pinching nipples or any other bits of flesh.

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