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Cheap Electrical


Power Sources

BP Medical Supplies

TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators) are medical devices intended to jam pain signals in the nerves. (Thanks go to Karen & Pyro Sadist!)
These might be no longer availabel. Search Amazon.com for "TENS".

Gadgets n Gift

Electronic Muscle Stimulators are similar to TENS units but intended to cause a massage-like effect.

Cables and Connectors

3.5mm to 2.5mm Lhasa OMS

2.5mm to 3.5mm
Lhasa OMS

Size adapters to convert between 2.5mm (3/32") plugs and 3.5mm (1/8") plugs.

Lhasa OMS
2.5mm $3.75
3.5mm (ErosTek) $3.75
4mm (new TENS) $4.60
2mm pin extender $100

Cables to use 2mm "pin type" (TENS) electrodes with various power units.

Lhasa OMS

"Y" adapter

Lhasa OMS
pair / $3.00

Aligator clips that attach to 2mm "pin type" wires.

10 / $26

These alligator clips attach to pin-type wires to adapt them for use with either tab or snap electrodes.

Electrodes - Adhesive Patch

Cardiology Shop
100/$13 or 1000/$119

Small single use snap type adhesive patch electrodes. These are intended for EKG and similar resting tests and may not stay on as well as standard TENS type electrodes.

There are a lot of other options for snap type adhesive patch electrodes, including clear vs. opaque, wet vs. gel adhesive, weak vs. agressive adhesive.

Atlantic Medical Supply

Some adhesive patch electrodes have a simple tab which you attach via alligator clip. There are many different kinds. At 6 cents apiece, I'm going to give them a try.

Austin Medical Equipment
See Note 1
4/$3.50 & up

Pin type adhesive patch electrodes and replacement wires.

(Thanks to shoiproute @ FetLife for the tip on VitalityWeb)

Electrodes - Conductive Rubber

Lhasa OMS
1.6"x2" $3.00
2"x4" $5.00
Reusable, flexible flat rubber TENS electrodes. Use with Conductive Gel or Tack Gel. Connect with 2mm pins.
Lhasa OMS
50 $12.85
2"x4" $5.00
Reusable, globular soft rubber (GSR) electrode (0.5" dia). Use with Conductive Gel or Tack Gel. Connect with alligator clips.
Lhasa OMS
3oz (90 grams) $2.75
8oz (240ml) $9.00
Conductive Gel

(Thanks to shoiproute @ FetLife for the tip on VitalityWeb)

Lhasa OMS
50 grams $6.90
Tack Gel is both conductive and adhesive.

Electrodes - Insertable

$15 - $20
See Note 1
Pin type bi-polar vaginal electrodes. These are used for treating incontinence either by delivering an electric current or as sensors for bio-feedback.
See Note 1
Pin type bi-polar anal electrodes.
Note 1: WinHealth is located in the UK. Each product is displayed twice, with VAT and without VAT. The WITHOUT VAT version is for specialized sales within the UK. Select the WITH VAT version. When you give your non-EU shipping address, the VAT will be removed from the total.

Electrodes - Breast

Y-M1013 Breast Enhancer
See Note 2
Conical bi-polar breast electrodes

There are all sorts of quack electronic medical gadgets coming out of China. Electronic breast enhancers are basically electronic muscle stimulators (see WebMD and MedWorld) with adjustable conical bi-polar breast electrodes. The electrodes alone are worth the price even if you already have a power source.

The Y-M1013 Breast Enhancer, by Yingzhijian Technology Manufactory, is pin compatible with standard adhesive pad electrodes.

The As-Seen-On-TV Breast Shaper, by Max Concept Technologies, which can also be purchased as part of the 3-in-1 Deluxe EMS, appears to use snap on wires like "butterfly style" adhesive pad electrodes.

If you think these look fun, check out the Laser Breast Enhancer and Enlargement machine.

Breast Shaper

Note 2: Retailers for these products don't tend to be stable but you can often find them at B2B sites like Global Sources, TradeKey, and Alibaba, with multi-thousand unit minimum purchase. If the retail links here don't work, try finding the product on a B2B or manufacturer's site, then google for the product name, model number, or other text you find there. This works well since retailers often use the exact text provided by the manufacturer.

Electrodes - Misc

Lhasa OMS
Bipolar Sensor Probe Connect with 2mm pins.
Lhasa OMS
Clips Connect with 2mm pins.
Lhasa OMS
Connect this monopolor rolling drum via banana (ErosTek) plug.
Lhasa OMS
This tiny speaker will give audible feedback. Plug into 3.5mm jack.

Electrical Safety

I'm not going to offer you advice on electrical safety. There are plenty of unqualified people already trying to do that. Instead, I'll give you links to expert resources and let you make your own judgements.

All About Circuits: Electrical Safety

The Electrical safety section of this book has several relevant sections and is easy to read.

High Voltage Connection: Electric Shock Questions
There's a lot of overlap here but also some new material and a good References section.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Environment, Safety, and Health Manual
Electrical Safety
This is not as relevant but there is some good material.

Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Here's what the FDA says about Electronic Muscle Stimulators.

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